Steering groups

The EURIEC will be supervised by two steering groups:

One steering group will focus on Strategy and Management and is formed by the current RIEC Limburg steering group. In its capacity of subsidy applicant and manager, this steering group focuses on the strategic themes in relation to financial management and responsibility.

 The Strategy and Management steering group works closely together and coordinates its activities with the Policy and Development steering group. This steering group focuses on the substantive development of the EURIEC. The Policy and Development steering group consists of:

  • The deputy chairman of the RIEC Limburg steering group, also the chairman of the EURIEC steering group. This safeguards the connection with the steering group;
  • Two representatives from the three different countries, on a department level;
  • One ARIEC representative + one head of RIEC – eastern NL (international portfolio holder);
  • The head of RIEC Limburg.

Representatives from the world of science from the three countries (DE, BE and NL) will be invited to attend the meetings of the Policy and Development steering group in the role of consultant where the eligible agenda items are concerned.

Focus group

Twice a year, an informative meeting is held for a focus group.

These meetings serve to keep organisations that are not directly involved in the implementation of the EURIEC informed of progress. They will also be able to ask questions and make comments about the course of business and the activities of the EURIEC. Furthermore, participants of this focus group will be able to express their expectations for the future of the EURIEC.

Organisations that will be invited to this focus group include, among others:

EUROPOL, EMR, BENELUX, ENAA, BES, EPICC, Gemeinde Selfkant, Innenministerium NRW, Fachhochschule Köln, Bezirksregierung Köln, ARIECs Belgium.

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