Sounding board group

Today, 8 November 2019, the EURIEC sounding board group met for the first time. At these sounding board group meetings, which will be held on a six-monthly basis, details on the development of EURIEC are submitted to a group of stakeholders to get their feedback.  The first-ever meeting was attended by around 60 representatives from various organisations in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands:

ARIEC/PAALCO, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, Benelux, local government of North-Rhine Westphalia, ENAA, EMR, EPICC, European Commission, Europol, municipal authorities, universities of applied sciences, judicial authorities, government ministries, police, RIEC/LIEC, and universities.

The day was an opportunity to present EURIEC staff to the partners, while EURIEC’s coordinator explained how EURIEC works. Students of the Cologne College of Public Administration gave a presentation on the German authorities involved in fighting organised crime in the Cologne district. The meeting was closed with an interactive discussion with input from various partners on how to fulfil EURIEC’s role and how to organise and set up the sounding board group going forward.

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