Relocation to the Gouvernement on the Meuse

We are delighted to announce that EURIEC and RIEC Limburg have relocated to the Limburg provincial government building, ‘Gouvernement on the Meuse’, in Maastricht. It is such a pleasure to be at this beautiful location of historical significance—not just to the EU, but also to EURIEC, as this is the place where the EURIEC project was originally initiated, about 4,5 years ago.

As a result of our relocation, our contact details have changed. You can reach us at:

Gouvernement aan de Maas
Visiting address: Limburglaan 10, 6229 GA Maastricht
Mailing address: Postbus 1992, 6201 BZ Maastricht
Telephone: 043 389 7540

The EURIEC team with the Maastricht Treaty

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