Objectives for the second project phase of the EURIEC in Germany

Together with Prof. Dr. Christof Muthers and Prof. Dr. Marc Röckinghausen of the HSPV (Hochschule für Polizei und öffentliche Verwaltung) NRW, the EURIEC team discussed the objectives for the second project phase of the EURIEC in Germany. The EURIEC and the professors agreed that cases with a cross-border component will continue to be legally assessed by the above-mentioned professors of the HSPV. In addition, based on the existing cases and future cases, a kind of case book will be developed as a handbook for the interested partners. The scientific support by the two professors will also focus on the systematic analysis of the possibilities of obtaining information through public registers. Finally, the legal possibilities and limitations of a German legislation similar to the BIBOB legislation in the Netherlands will be investigated.

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