Newsletter EURIEC 2023, Number 1

Recently, many of you participated in the EURIEC communication survey, for which we’d like to thank you. One of the aims of this survey was to identify topics of interest to you. Because this newsletter is not only about the EURIEC, but also about spreading knowledge about the cross-border administrative approach: the latest developments, practical tools, institutions involved, etc.

The results of the survey are currently being processed, but in this edition we would like to address the request for information on the organisation of the administrative approach in the participating countries. Therefore, in this edition we provide more information on the administrative approach in Belgium and the 5-year anniversary of the ARIECs, with thanks to Annemie De Boye (ARIEC Limburg). We’ll also illustrate practical results with two press releases and inform you, among other things, about the latest state of affairs regarding access to the UBO register.

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