Interactive Discussion Board meeting EURIEC

The second EURIEC Discussion Board meeting took place on 26 February 2021. Since the meeting was held online due to the corona measures, many representatives were able to participate and help shape the future of the EURIEC; a total of 90 representatives took part from 63 different organizations from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

During the meeting, Mirjam Clermonts-Aretz (chair of the EURIEC steering committee), Rob Hutschemaekers (Head of EURIEC), and Luud Geerlings (EURIEC Coordinator) discussed the activities and findings of the EURIEC during the first year. Together with participants, we also looked into the future at the second year of the EURIEC and its possible second phase. In various breakout rooms, participants then shared their vision on the future of the EURIEC, which we later discussed during the plenary part. Points that emerged during the breakout room sessions were a need to focus on specific themes, such as ports and holiday parks. Another conclusion was that efforts should continue to increase awareness. Finally, Maastricht University presented an overview of its interim evaluation of the EURIEC.

We thank all participants for their input, cooperation, and positive feedback after this successful meeting. Through dialogue and feedback, we can better tailor our work to the vision and needs of our partners.

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