From incidental to structural multidisciplinary consultation: the municipality of Vaals and the city of Aachen kick off!

Based on the idea that crime does not stop at the border, the mayor of Vaals and the Oberbürgemeisterin of Aachen join forces. The neighbouring municipalities are building further on the already existing close relationship and experience with cross-border cooperation. After all, a physical border between the municipalities no longer exists. In an article a while ago it was written that ‘when a Vaalsener says: I’m going to the city. Then he means Aachen’.  Unfortunately, that boundary does exist in various areas. Also in the field of security. What happens when the mayor of Vaals closes down a catering establishment on the basis of the Opium Act and that person then continues his activities in Aachen? City of Aachen and partner city Vaals are discussing similar issues to see if and how they can exchange information across borders to take action against this.

The parties present (City of Aachen – municipality of Vaals – Public prosecution’s office Aachen – tax authorities NL and DE – EURIEC) look back on an efficient expert platform and look forward to future meetings.

For now, we would like to thank all participants for their efforts, contributions and motivation to break down the border between the municipalities!

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