Fourth EURIEC Discussion Board Meeting All About Progress

On Friday 9 September 2022, the fourth (digital) EURIEC Discussion Board Meeting took place, hosted this time from Studio Radium in Maastricht. The focus was mainly on the future of the cross-border administrative approach: developments in partner countries, the importance of continuing international cooperation and the changes needed in laws and regulations at national level to enable the international exchange of information. The meeting, led by EURIEC chairperson Mayor Mirjam Clermonts, was attended by nearly 100 participants from different countries and organisations.  

The meeting started with a video message from Belgium’s interior minister, Annelies Verlinden. She told more about the preliminary draft of the Belgian Administrative Enforcement Act, which incidentally was approved by the Belgian core cabinet later that day. She also spoke encouragingly to EURIEC, stressing its importance in making the fight against organised crime a success.

This was followed by a presentation on developments within the Sicherheitskooperation Ruhr (SiKo Ruhr) by the head of SiKo Ruhr, Mr Joachim Eschemann, and the premiere of a new showcase video on EURIEC’s contribution to the fight against cross-border undermining crime (available here) . Finally, Rob Hutschemaekers, head of EURIEC, and several members of the EURIEC team presented developments within EURIEC and partner countries, covering among other the work on instigating legislative amendments.

In closing, EURIEC Coordinator Luud Geerlings stressed the continued urgency of sharing information across borders for administrative purposes. “Since our last meeting, billions were made, and all of that money has to be laundered. We all need to acknowledge the urgency of this matter. Criminal activities are nonstop, their work is ongoing.”

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