Expertplatform Rotterdam-Antwerpen

The expert platform that was originally planned on 11 August took place on 28 August. Due to the corona measures, it was decided not to travel to Antwerp with the Dutch partners as previously planned.

The municipality of Rotterdam submitted to the EURIEC a case in which a subject involved in criminal activities in Rotterdam may have extended its activities to the City of Antwerp. The purpose of the expert platform was to inform the City of Antwerp and to investigate the possibilities of exchanging tax data. Experts from the City of Antwerp, the municipality of Rotterdam, ARIEC Antwerp, RIEC Rotterdam, the Belgian federal police, the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Belgian and Dutch tax authorities took part in this expert platform.

The expert platform has led to the decision to first use tax competences to improve the perception after which it will be examined whether and what kind of information can be shared with the City of Antwerp and/or the Antwerp Police. On the basis of this case it will be tested whether and to what extent it is possible to 

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