EURIEC theme series part 4: cross-border exchange of social security data

Each week, we present one of the seven themes from the EURIEC Final Report Phase 1 to give you both a concise and comprehensive overview of the opportunities and obstacles to administrative cooperation between Belgium, the Netherlands and NRW in the field of organised crime. In part 4 of the EURIEC theme series, you can read more about the cross-border exchange of social security data.

Social security data from another country can be crucial for local administrations in curbing the abuse of legal structures. The cross-border exchange of social security data for administrative purposes is possible in exceptional cases, although there is no explicit legal basis for the transfer for administrative purposes in the three countries.

Would you like to know in which cases social security data can be shared across borders? Download the brochure and the legal memo ‘Cross-border exchange of social security data’ now.

Next week: EURIEC theme series, part 5 of 7: ‘Cross-border exchange of judicial data’.

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