EURIEC theme series part 3: cross-border exchange of administrative data

Each week, we present one of the seven themes of the EURIEC Final Report Phase 1 to give you both a concise and comprehensive overview of the possibilities and obstacles to administrative cooperation between Belgium, the Netherlands, and NRW in the field of organized crime. This week: to what extent can Belgium, the Netherlands, and North Rhine-Westphalia share administrative data as part of the administrative approach to organised crime?

The concept of “administrative data” is rather broad. In this theme, we specifically zoom in on administrative data that municipalities have at their disposal when carrying out their task in the context of administrative enforcement. Examples are information from the population register, liquor and catering act data, and housing act data. We also discuss the information shared by other municipal departments.

Would you like to know what is and what is not possible regarding the exchange of administrative data, and the consequences for daily practice? If so, download the brochure and the memorandum ‘Cross-border exchange of administrative information’ now.

Next week: EURIEC theme series, part 4 of 7: ‘Cross-border exchange of administrative data: social security data’.

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