EURIEC theme series part 2: cross-border exchange of data from the population register

To what extent can Belgium, the Netherlands, and NRW share data from the population register in the context of the administrative approach to organized crime? Read more about this in the latest in a series of brochures and legal memorandums based on the EURIEC Final Report Phase 1. Learn more about the possibilities and obstacles in administrative cooperation between Belgium, the Netherlands, and NRW in the field of organized crime, as we present one of the seven themes of the report each week.

(Fictional scenario. All similarities with existing people or organizations are coincidental.)

After cocaine is found in Frenky’s apartment in the South Limburg (NL) hills, the mayor decides to close it for a period of three months. The municipality needs to inform Frenky about the closure, but it is believed that Frenky has moved to his brother, just across the border in Germany. The municipality wants to confirm the new address in Germany. Can that information just be shared?

Do you know the answer? Would you like to know what is or is not possible with regard to the exchange of national registration data, and what consequences this has for daily practice? Download the brochure and the memorandum ‘Cross-border exchange of data from the population register’ now!

Next week: EURIEC-themed series, part 3 of 7: ‘Cross-border exchange of administrative data for administrative purposes.’

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