EURIEC publishes ‘Manual on the provision of data from the Dutch population register to EU government bodies’ for Dutch municipalities.

Data from the Dutch population register may not be shared with foreign municipalities just like that. This also applies to data that are supposed to be shared in the context of the administrative approach to organised crime. In order to make it possible to share these data under certain conditions with foreign municipalities, it is required that Dutch municipalities amend their local BRP regulations.

An example (Fictitious scenario. All similarities to existing people or organisations are coincidental):
A quantity of hard drugs is found in a public establishment in Belgium or Germany. The competent authorities decide to close the premises for a few months. The owner has to be informed about this and has to be given the opportunity to express his or her views. In the meantime, the owner has moved to the Netherlands, just across the border. In order to inform the owner, the competent authorities want to receive confirmation of the presumed address in the Netherlands.

In order to enable the provision of BRP data from the Netherlands, Dutch municipalities are required to amend their BRP Data Provision Regulation. EURIEC offers this manual to Dutch municipalities to enable them to amend the BRP Data Provision Regulation. This manual, for the adaptation of the BRP Data Provision Regulation, is accompanied by a hand-out in which all the necessary steps are briefly outlined.

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