Consulting the Dutch UBO register by foreign administrative bodies

On 27 September 2020, the Dutch UBO register finally came into force. This register makes it possible to identify the ultimate beneficial owner (Ultimate Benificial Owner; UBO) of a legal entity. An UBO is the person who ultimately owns or has ultimate control of a company. This register contains data on UBOs of legal entities established in the Netherlands and can also be consulted by foreign administrative bodies via the Dutch Business Register (Kamer van Koophandel).

Here you will find the leaflet ‘Consulting Dutch UBO data’, on the basis of which foreign administrative bodies can consult information about UBOs of Dutch entities. Entities that are obliged to register UBO data in this register have time until 27 March 2022 to provide the necessary data. Until then, it is therefore possible that the necessary UBO data may not be available.

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