International jargon list

Comparison of terminology in the administrative approach to organised crime in English, German, French and Dutch.

Consulting public sources

Possibilities of consulting public sources abroad.

Practical guides

Guidance documents on issues relating to the cross-border exchange of information.

Sample letters

Standard formats for written requests abroad (only in French and Dutch).

EURIEC Final Report

Overview of findings and activities of the EURIEC in the first project period (19-21).

Borders: an enormous obstacle for governments, quite the opposite for criminals.

National borders are a major obstacle in the fight against organised crime. Every country has its own rules, legislation, and languages, and there are great differences in administrative powers and responsibilities. Another important factor is the awareness of organised crime and, more specifically, the administration’s role in the fight against it. Criminals intentionally use this to explore the boundaries.

EURIEC aims to boost the cross-border administrative collaboration against organised crime between Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. We achieve this by building networks and discussion platforms, raising awareness about the administrative approach against cross-border organised crime, and offering support in case studies. We also continuously provide information products that increase knowledge about the possibilities of international information exchange. Read more