Professional jargon

Understanding each other’s language is an important condition for successful international cooperation. A small mistake in the translation can cause a lot of confusion in the cooperation. The EURIEC has drawn up a comparison of professional jargon – in the administrative approach to organized crime in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands – in four languages (EN, D, NL, FR).

For example, what does the Dutch term ‘Katvangers’ mean and how is it described in German, English and French?

Are you missing a professional term in the overview? Please let us know, it is a dynamic document.

Brochure EURIEC

Background information about the EURIEC.

Leaflets to consult public sources

The EURIEC has drawn up various leaflets to provide insight into the various public sources that can be accessed across borders.

Documents to be requested by permit applicants

An overview of documents that permit applicants can request from government agencies in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Requesting information from the German population register

Tackling Crime Together

The Benelux and North Rhine-Westphalia initiative on the administrative approach to crime related to outlaw motorcycle gangs in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine.

Progress report

The general awareness of the necessity to establish an effective administrative approach to organised crime has already gained common ground within the European Union, in particularly by adopting the renewed European Security Strategy (2015-2020); nevertheless, a lot of challenges remain on the European agenda, especially for those Member States which are not yet acquainted with the concept of the administrative approach.

Action plan

More information about the tasks and ambitions of the EURIEC can be found in the action plan.


This infographic provides a graphical overview of the tasks and working methods of the EURIEC.

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